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DescriptionTLF is the first text-mode general purpose contest logging program with full networking support.

It directly supports the CQWW, the WPX (M/M, M/S and SO), the ARRL-DX, the PACC, the EUHFC and the EU SPRINT contests (SO). It additionally supports a number of more basic contests, general QSO and DXpedition mode.

It interfaces with a growing number of radios via the Hamlib library, and has built in telnet and serial port clients for a DX cluster.

Since version 0.8.0 tlf is fully networked via udp/ip, and fully supports M/M and M/S operation for the cqww and wpx contests.

The output file is TR as well as CABRILLO compatible. The program was written for text-mode intentionally, to allow it to run on smaller machines, or remotely via a modem link.

Three keyer modules are now supported. The cwkeyer from Ivo, 9A3TY with output on either ttyS0 or ttyS1, and the (more flexible) cwkeyer from Eric, PA3FKN with output on lp0, as well as the new cwdaemon (ip) networked keyer for the parallel port.
Author1Rein Couperus, PA0R
pa0r at
Author2Tom, DL1JBE
Last Updated2013-07-08
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