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DescriptionAZ_PROJ is a set of postscript files for drawing colored azimuthal equidistant
projection maps (bearing/distance or great circle maps) from any point on the earth
(well almost, doesn't work at the poles) to any scale. AZ_PROJ is designed to draw
maps for amateur radio operators (hams) to determine bearing and distance from their
QTH (home, mountain top) to anywhere on earth. All you need to know is the QTH
(lat/lon) for the center of the projection and the scale for the map. If you are an HF'er,
you'll want the whole world, if you are a VHF'er, you'll want only your continent or
smaller area.
Author1Joseph Mack, NA3T
Author2Michael Katzmann, NV3Z
Last Updated2001-02-25
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