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DescriptionPSKmail is a narrow band mail delivery system for use by amateur radio hams via short wave (HF) communication. Unlike PACTOR, it does not use a special controller, you just need a computer with a sound card. PSKmail uses Fldigi in PSK125 mode.
PSKmail has a client/server architecture. Unlike Packet Radio (Q15X25) the PSKmail protocol only allows 1 connected client at the time. Bandwidth (3dB) is 129 Hz!!!
The PSKmail client is written in Java as well as a legacy GTK2 perl. At this moment the applications is a Mailbox (port 24) allowing down/upload of mail from the internet, and downloading information from the web (ASCII text only), position update and station-to-station messaging via APRS(port26) and chat mode (TTY, port 87).
Version 0.4 has enhancements for emergency communications. That means that even if the internet backbone is down, you will still be able to send messages and files from client to client.
Pskmail now also works together with EVOLUTION and other Linux mail clients. You can then use the mail integrator you are used to (any mbox compatible system).
Author1Rein Couperus, PA0R
pa0r at
Last Updated2018-02-12
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