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DescriptionSyntorxgen generates code plugs (i.e. sets of channel settings for frequency, PL, etc.) for Motorola Syntor X transceivers.

Syntorxgen plus an eeprom programmer replace the Motorola suitcase programmer, and are more flexible.

The package is developed on Linux, however it is reasonably portable and is provided in binary form for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows and MS-DOS.

The program reads the specifications for the desired code plug from a simple text file, and writes an image to a disk in various formats suitable for use with an EEPROM programmer. Since the format is text based, it can be easily understood by humans, readily generated by other programs or scripts, and lends itself to mass changes with a simple editor.

A code plug decoder which reads a code plug and produces a syntorxgen input file is included, as are a number of sample input files, scripts for generating test code plugs, etc.

A Debian package is available, courtesy of KC8PUN.

Syntor X radios are built tough, perform well, are relatively inexpensive, and are suitable for a variety of purposes including packet. Voluminous documentation is available on the web. The low-band radios can cover both 10 and 6 meters; high-band and UHF cover 2 meters and 70 centimeters, and 800 MHz models can be modified for the 900 MHz ham band.

Version 1.50 replaces the former table-driven method of determining a few bits of DPL "parity" data with a calculation.
Author1Dennis Boone, KB8ZQZ
MaintainerDennis Boone, KB8ZQZ
Last Updated2010-02-02
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