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Descriptiontk3 is an open source, multi-platform configuration program for the ICOM IC-R3 portable radio/television receiver.

tk3 works both with USA/Canadian IC-R3 models with 10 kHz AM BCB spacing and Japanese and European variants which employ 9 kHz AM BCB spacing. It can:

- Read a memory image from an IC-R3 receiver, a native tr3 file, an IC3 file created using Butel's ARC3 program, or an ICF file downloaded from the Percon web database.

-Using a graphical interface, display data from a memory image and permit you to make changes.

-Sort memory channels by frequency or by label, within any bank or in all banks.

-Import and export memory channel data from and to a CSV (comma- separated values file).

-Write an image from the computer to the radio
Author1Bob Parnass, AJ9S
Last Updated2004-04-21
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