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Descriptionbbsgate is a full-featured gateway for BBS mail and bulletins towards rfc-822 conforming email and news, and vice versa.
bbsgate works like a filter. and depends on a unix-like operating system supporting sendmail and an NNTP server.
bbsgate is #BIN-capable, and fully implements mime for mail and news, even while exchanging between unix<->bbs. currently, only the BBS-type dpbox is supported (as it is used at DB0TUD.#SAX.DEU.EU), but it's open to easily be extended for working with fbb, etc.
bbsgate must be installed on the same machine that hosts the bbs, sendmail and news-system.
Author1Thomas Osterried, dl9sau
MaintainerThomas Osterried, dl9sau
Last Updated2001-08-15
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