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DescriptionLinPac is an Ncurses packet radio terminal for use with Linux's native AX.25 stack that mimics many of the feature packed HOST-MODE programs that used to exist for Dos (PkGold, etc) but with any TNC running in KISS mode.

It allows wide configuration and easy addition of new functions and special functions needed by the user. It's intended for keyboard-to-keyboard use but also supports receiving basic PBBS messages, local Converse-link chat rooms, basic node commands like mheard and making outgoing connections, etc.

The aim was to minimize the amount of 'hard coded' functions and create a complete set of applications that can be easily expanded and/or completely reconfigured via a simple macro language.

There is also a developing GUI version (1.x branch) that provides either a Java Swing GUI or the familiar Ncurses UI.
Author1David Ranch, KI6ZHD
Last Updated2015-09-19
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