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DescriptionMtrack is a X window based satellite tracking program.

The program provides a window which contains a map along with the sub-satellite point and footprint, as well as the users home location. Information about the satellite is provided below the map.

The program can also display a table showing future visibility, the visibilty at a large number of other locations, and updated keplerian elements. A full data editor is built in to allow for the addition, deletion and modification of the satelite data, location data and user preferences.

The program can also import NASA two line elements directly. There is a choice of maps, and the colours of the map, footprint, satellite and user can all be

The author recommends changing over to a different satellite tracking program like KTrack and Predict, as no new releases will be made, other than bug fixes.
Author1Jonathan Naylor, G4KLX
Last Updated2003-01-21
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