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DescriptionQRadioPredict is an experimental software for VHF-UHF propagation prediction and radio coverage analysis, based on the Irregular Terrain Model, also known as Longley-Rice. Can now also use the newer ITWOM v3.0

Uses OpenStreetMap tiles or public sattelite imagery as background.
Added support for Google Maps and sattelite imagery.

Elevation profiles are taken from NASA SRTM elevation files (*.hgt) obtainable from various sources.

Uses a new algorithm for glound clutter attenuation prediction, based on a ray model. Terrain type is taken from Corine CLC2006 shapefiles, which gives great accuracy for all of Europe.

Has an internal APRS client which can be used to display stations as a landmark.

Is completely integrated with Flightgear, the open source flight simulator, which has real-time radio prediction capabilities.
Author1Adrian Musceac, YO8RZZ
Last Updated2014-02-24
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