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SectionVersion/ ReleasedBrief Description
FreeDV is a GUI application for Windows, Linux and MacOS (BSD and Android in development) that allows any SSB radio to be used for low bit rate digital voice.
LinPac is an Ncurses packet radio terminal for use with Linux's native AX.25 stack that mimics many of the feature packed HOST-MODE programs that used to exist for Dos (PkGold, etc) but with any TNC running in KISS mode. It allows wide configuration and easy addition of new functions and special functions needed by the user. It's intended for keyboard-to-keyboard use but also supports receiving basic PBBS messages, local Converse-link chat rooms, basic node commands like mheard and making outgoing connections, etc.
VE7FET's Unofficial / modern ax25 librariespacket1.0.5
A version of the "official" AX.25 libraries for Linux that is more up to date, includes the newest patches, etc. that aren't found in the "official" version.
xwefax is an application for decoding, displaying and saving Wefax/Radiofax images transmitted by stations mainly on the Short Waves

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